Dr. Olga Kromo

Leading You to Wellness, Helping You Get Your Life Back

Rheumatic diseases can cause you pain, discomfort, and disability in life. These conditions can cripple your freedom to do the activities you enjoy most. Don’t allow them to put your healthy and happy life on hold. With the help of Dr. Olga Kromo, you can manage your symptoms better and reclaim your wellness.

As a licensed practitioner of comprehensive Rheumatology in Miami, Florida, Dr. Olga Kromo understands the struggles of patients who suffer from rheumatic diseases. It is her care philosophy to listen to every patient’s needs, evaluate them properly, and provide them with life-changing treatments.

Doctor for Everyone

Apart from her exceptional care philosophy, Dr. Kromo is well known as a rheumatologist for everyone. She handles rheumatic wellness for people of varying states of disease, gender, age, and ethnicity. She is fluent in English, Russian, and Spanish, and can establish and maintain good communication with almost all her patients. After all, she believes that listening intently to her patient’s problems helps her provide better diagnosis and treatment.

Comprehensive Approach

Most patients with rheumatic conditions suffer for years because of a lack of proper symptom management. With the guidance of Dr. Kromo, rest assured that you’ll receive appropriate and thorough treatment. She is familiar with the latest Rheumatology treatments available for you to consider, with her guidance.

More importantly, she can provide a long-term, multidisciplinary management approach tailored to your condition, lifestyle, and other factors. For certain groups of people — women, Hispanics, African-Americans, and those carrying the PTPN22 gene — who are at higher risk of developing serious rheumatic diseases than others, this will be especially helpful.

With her comprehensive approach and compassionate care philosophy, Dr. Olga Kromo can lead you to complete wellness. Allow her to assess your specific health needs and create a management plan solely for you. Let her give you a refreshed perspective in life.

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Patient Experiences

Below are a handful of unedited impressions from patients of varying disease states, age, gender, and ethnicity.