Patient Experiences

Below are a handful of unedited impressions from patients of varying disease states, age, gender, and ethnicity.


“Dr Kromo is an extremely thorough and detailed-oriented physician that has helped me with various conditions throughout the last 5 years. Regardless of how busy she is caring for hundreds of other patients, Dr Kromo always gets back to me promptly and takes the time to understand my problems so she can assist me. She is extremely professional while also being caring and nice. I trust Dr Kromo and always feel I’m in great hands with her.”

Patient since 2010

“I searched high and low to find a physician in Miami like Dr. Olga Kromo. She is kind, caring and compassionate. She has the nicest bedside manner and treats each patient with respect. While the wait to see her may be long, she never rushes you through your appointment and listens to all of your issues with thoughtful consideration. She is quite knowledgeable about all of the new rheumatology treatments and is willing to try various treatments to find a solution to your problems. I can’t say enough nice things about this physician. Make an appointment to go see her! You will be grateful you did!”

Patient since 2012

“I am a Lupus survivor because of Dr. Olga Kromo. She has helped me understand this disease and taught me ways of overcoming these symptoms. She has encouraged me to become my own advocate which I’ve turned into becoming a Lupus Advocate and a Facilitator for the a Miami Lupus Support Group.

This is not a disease that you have to crawl in a corner and stop living. This is a disease that you must fight daily for survival and understand what your body feels. Everyone is different and the communication you have with your doctor is extremely important in feeling better.

What Dr. Kromo does is, she helps you be one in tuned with your body which will help you feel so much better overall. Her knowledge, commitment and dedication to her patients makes a huge difference in my life.”

Patient since 2011

“Excellent overall experience. I was recommended to go to Dr.Kromo by a friend after a couple months of weekly therapy for back pain elsewhere. The overall wait was as to be expected for a specialist but it was completely worth it. She found that I was not only dealing with slight scoliosis but a pinched nerve. I was given a shot to reduce the immediate cause of the pain. She also recommended switching to a rolling backpack and additional exercises to strengthen my back muscles and reduce the stress I was putting on my back. She explained what to expect thoroughly and answered all my questions. I felt I was in professional empathetic hands and have become a loyal patient.”

Patient since 2010

“Dr.Kromo has been one of the only doctors who made me feel like she truly cared about me as a person and making me feel better. She took her time and answered all of my questions. Under her care I began my road to recovery and have been feeling much better. There’s no doctor as great as Dr.Kromo! Thank you!!!”

Patient since 2010

“After months of difficultly walking and unable to meet the everyday demands of being an active person, I was recommended to Dr Olga Kromo by another physician. She treated my knees and suggested that it was a better alternative than surgery and that the procedure she used could be repeated on two more occasions. It has been over a year, and although I am not a “Rockette”, I am without pain and able to conduct my life as an active entrepreneur and social person. I am grateful for her expertise and recommend her highly!”

B.S. (real initials)
Patient since 2014

“I have known Dr. Kromo for many years beginning with her entry into Medical School. I started to see her as a patient several years ago about my swelling around the knuckles of my fingers and the pain. I was very concerned about a family history of Arthritis. Dr Kromo diagnosed the problem and for the past several years has reduced the discomfort by natural supplements and food eliminations.

She is a very kind and caring human being. She spends quality time and doesn’t make you wait long for your appointments.

I would recommend her highly.”

Patient since 2012

“Finding the right doctor can be a challenge, happy to report that after numerous attempts Dr. Kromo is that doctor. Having the right doctor on your side that best comprehends your symptoms is very important for all. Dr. Kromo helped me improve my quality of life, literally from day one. I appreciate the privilege of treatment by a warm, caring doctor who paid attention to what I had to say and gave reassurance that she could help my cause. Dr. Kromo was thorough, honest, and skilled when putting together a plan for my lupus evaluation, treatment, and follow up. Dr. Kromo a class act!”

Patient since 2015